Thursday, February 4, 2010

Angela Martin Bio | American Idol Contestant

Angela Martin Bio

angela martin bioAngela Martin is a 28 year old contestant on American Idol. She has a checkered past with American Idol in that she has moved on to Hollywood Week twice before both times having to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances in her personal life.

This latest season 9 of American Idol is her last year of eligibility for American Idol. Unfortunately Angela Martin is still battling misfortune and personal struggles as her daughter has Rett Syndrome, and now she attempts to advance past Hollywood week and make the top 24 on American Idol.

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Angela Martin, 28, a singer, Chicago: She auditioned for [American Idol for] the third time. Her father was killed a week before Hollywood in season seven, and she promptly got cut, and last season she reached the top 50, but couldn't make the show because of a traffic warrant. She sang Just Fine, and Simon said it was people like her, talented and in need of a break, that makes him like doing the show.
Angela Martin's mother was recently reported to be missing but despite this Angela has publicly stated that she intends to continue her dream to make it big on American Idol.

Angela Martin just may be the next big thing in music and American Idol will be her ticket to stardom. The show will likely add many pages to the Angela Martin bio and I'm sure this page will grow in length many times over when she makes it big.

Angela Martin Audition Video

Angela Martin American idol hopefull is gifted and beatiful. She has a great story and has lived a tough life. Angela Martin is my favorite American Idol contestant so far this season and I hope we all vote her through week after week.

viola martin - angela martin mother missing
The Angela Martin mother saga is still ongoing. This situation is serious and I'm sure Anglea Martin will be praying that her publicity on American Idol helps to shed light on the missing person alert. Good luck to the Angela Marten family.

Lastly, if anyone is familiar with whether their is a way to find the Angela Martin Facebook page I'm sure we would all love to know about it.